March 6th 2015

Our latest paper on “The Interactome of Soybean GmWRKY53 using Yeast 2-Hybrid Library Screening to Saturation” has been accepted for publication in Plant Signaling & Behavior.”

We think that a number of the GmWRKY53 interactions will turn about to be important parts of the signaling pathways in biotic/abiotic stress and that the interaction with the LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL clock protein GmLCL2 (MYB114) suggests a direct input from the clock on GmWRKY53 activity.

February 26th 2015

BMC Plant biology

Our new article on the Evolution of WRKY transcription factors has been published in BMC Plant Biology.

January 27th 2015

We made Springer’s “Plant Stars”

Plant Stars-WRKY

January 7th 2015

We have had our chapter “Structure and evolution of WRKY transcription factors

By Charles I. Rinerson, Roel C. Rabara, Prateek Tripathi, Qingxi J Shen, and Paul J. Rushton

Accepted in the forthcoming book:

Plant Transcription Factors:
Evolutionary, Structural and Functional Aspects
Edited by: Daniel H. Gonzalez

January 1st 2015

We have joined the SoyKBase program which officially launched on January 1st 2015. SoyKBase is a Soybean/Legume Knowledge Base which is a collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences and a company owned by Dr. Jeff Chen. Dr. Jeff Chen is coordinating this effort and his company has considerable sequencing and bioinformatic resources. Prof. Mike Timko at The University of Virginia is also part of this project, together with a number of Chinese scientists.

September 2014

Press-releaseWe are please that the journal OMICS has chosen to highlight our work on drought.

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